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The Silver Chicken - Pilots: Luca SALVADORI

Luca SALVADORI Luca Salvadori was born in Milan on June 4th, 1961. After classical studies and a degree in Electronic Engineering, he joined the Italian aerospace industry with increasing responsibilities (info) until becoming a freelance IT Consultant. He got his glider license in 1988 and airplane license in 1991.

Has been a member of Aero Club Milano's Board from 1993 to 2005 organising and promoting the sport of aerobatics. Currently holds CPL, Glider, IR, Multi, Acro, VFR and Acro Flight Instructor. Member of Aero Club d'Italia Commission for Powered Flight from 1994 to 1998, Team manager of Unlimited National Team from 1995 to 2000. Since 2005 he is President of Italian Federation of Sport Aerobatics (FSIVA).

Aerobatic pilot in full activity, pupil of Sergio DALLAN and Maurizio COSTA, well known aerobatic champions, has also contributed to the development and diffusion of aerobatics by revising and updating the manuals used by the Aero Club Milano FTO to train aerobatic students.

Furthermore, Luca has been European Correspondent for Sports Aerobatics, the official magazine of International Aerobatic Club, as well as editor of aerobatics column for the Italian magazine JP4 - Mensile di Aeronautica, and cooperates as test pilot and correspondent to Aviazione Sportiva.

Salvadori was pilot member of the Advanced National Team in 2001 at Siofok, Hungary.

Since 2001 is co-owner with Sergio DALLAN of the Silver Chicken, flying it in competitions and airshows around Italy and abroad.

Luca Salvadori can be contacted via email:

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