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The Silver Chicken - Information and Reservations

Do you wish the Silver Chicken to perform at your Airshow? Quite simple!

Please drop a message in our mailbox and you will receive a prompt reply to any question or request of further information.

The Silver Chicken operates under the supervision of Sergio Dallan Airshows who's aim is to improve the quality and safety of airshows and sport aerobatics: our skill and creativity ensures thrilling, high-level performances flown by competent and well-trained pilots.

The combination between pilot and aircraft in such a show is breathtaking, exciting and absolutely safe: such a goal is impossible to accomplish without the cooperation of sponsors and the event organizers.

So, please dedicate a little time to reading the Requirements necessary to host CAP-21DS "Silver Chicken" and her team at your Airshow.

The Airshow

Every airshow routine flown by the Silver Chicken is a sequence of figures performed solo, highlighted by white smoke and, upon request, accompanied by music. Event's speaker, if present, may comment and emphasize display using purpose-written Air Display Info Sheet (PDF) and Pilot Info Sheet (PDF).

The routine is 5 to 10 minutes long and includes traditional aerobatic maneuvers as well as Freestyle and high-speed low passes to allow the spectators to see the aircraft close up, in full action and feel the power and speed "on the skin".

It goes without saying that, even if the airshow may have a strong impact on the spectators, every maneuver is absolutely safe and performed in accordance with aeronautical rules, as well as common sense.

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